About Rest Inn Knysna

Situated in the beautiful and established neighbourhood of Hunters Home, I look forward to hosting you in an extension to my home, and a town that I have come to be closely acquainted with over the last 20 years.

For those visiting, it might come as a surprise that most homes in the town are still open to view from the street side when driving or walking by. This is one of the wonderful aspects of Knysna and its neighbourhoods, and a fabulous respite for those travelling from more secured and inhibited surroundings. Knysna is truly a town where you can relax. Enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy the freedom. Enjoy the forests and the beaches.

Rest Inn Knysna is a self-catering private apartment with its own private stairway leading in from the garden with a 117 sq.m. of deck and apartment all to yourselves, and more! Your braai or barbeque area is beneath your deck on the garden level, with a Weber waiting to be used.

Being self-catering, and having stayed in many of those myself, I have tailored it to be a bit more than the expected. I personally am very fussy about bathrooms and linen, so I have placed a lot of emphasis on those aspects. After all, a night in a squeaky bed and a manky bathroom are not the way to start and end a day. Rest Inn Knysna is not about a housewife slapping together some random little spot to supplement the grocery bill. This is about more. Much more. It’s all about you, and the love of giving happiness to others. I honour and respect people from all corners of our society, no matter their life’s persuasions. Everyone is welcome.

Attention to detail” is what Rest Inn Knysna prides itself on. And that I cannot describe to you. You will experience it during your stay. You will find a “house” sized fridge to spare you too many grocery expeditions. Stock up once, and life will be a breeze.

The apartment is decorated in a very simple way. I personally would rather look at blank walls, than be affronted by Aunty Emily’s attic rescues. You know those. Out of time and out of place objects that really had and still have no home. So I have spared you those. But you get to create your own special piece of artwork which you will discover on your arrival.

I have also provided some “bored” games. More commonly called board games. Just a little fun while you enjoy an iced drink or want to sit at the counter and have a youthful giggle. Holidays are for doing things you might never do at home. And I have tried to ensure that you return home with the happiest of memories, and a totally refreshed soul.

Welcome to my world.
– Terry